Saturday, November 27, 2010

There is a reason for that escape door!

Howdy ya'all! Elmer the frog back to weaving tales here! We had a lil bit of excitement inside Old Faithful and it had everything to do with the old refrigerator! Old Faithful was still storing food inside of it when the dwp's got him. Yep, old moldy cheese and the likes. Well, the lady dwp didn't like that idea and so she decided to pull it out of it's spot and take it outside to hose it down and give a good going over. So, all by her lonesome she pulled it out of the hole and got it only so far until she had to hollar for the man dwp to come and help her. When the man dwp got inside of Old Faithful he told her to get out and get out quick...there was an ammonia leak. It's funny now so I can laugh. You know how Old Faithful has what they call an escape door? Well, Old Faithful said he never saw anyone actually use it to escape...until the lady dwp came along. Leaping lizards you should have seen her jump over the bed area and out that back escape door in a matter of seconds!The man dwp put on a mask. Boy did he look funny! He bravely ventured back in and with all of his courage and strength he pulled that old fridge out and through Old Faithful's door and into the driveway! While all this was going on the lady dwp was in a're going to be okay right?, she kept asking over and over again. Neither one of them worried about me or Old Faithful! Alas, all is well. Except of course for Old Faithful. That fridge was one his luxury features and we aren't quite sure it is going to go back in the door it went out. Old Faithful feels kinda empty inside like they removed one of his lungs or something. I keep reassuring him that they will provide a transplant, but you know Old Faithful...forever the pessimist! I told him he should feel good like he just had liposuction and lost a quick 100lbs. Old Faithful said something about frogs legs being a delicacy and at that point I decided  sit quietly and wait for some more action from the dwps. I surely do hope they don't get hungry!

I will spare you a photo of the innards!

Old Faithful's big empty space!

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