Sunday, March 27, 2011

Old Faithful 1959 Yellowstone

The cot sits nicely at the streetside window.

There is lots of cupboard space overhead.

Original screens and furnace.

Dixie stove in nice condition. All the burner knobs say "front" on them so you may want to  adjust this.

The floor will need to be replaced as there are areas where it is coming up/cracking.
We did not do this as we know that this is a particular choice people like to make. Whether they want laminate, tiles, wood, or carpet. We threw down some throw rugs that match the curtains and they are included with trailer.

The back bedroom!

The opposite doors open with a fold out divider to allow for privacy in the bedroom.

There are areas where there was water damage but not enough to warrant complete removal of the wall.
These areas were sanded and reshallaced. The camper is watertight and this should not be a problem in the future
with proper care.

A curtain was hung above the fridge to make it look pleasing. This space can also
be used for your microwave, toaster, etc.

The wall under the window is one of the areas where the birch was replaced.

There is a little delamination on the ceiling that you can see in these photos.  The ceiling was
sprayed with shellac. This damage was not enough to warrant replacing the ceiling.

New Aluminum Trim

Bathroom floor tile is a close match to original tiles. The travel trailer still needs a toilet installed.
We are on the lookout for a toilet from the era, however it is being sold as is. If we find one it will be installed for you!

The replacement sink was recovered with two part epoxy and installed. A wood form was built to offer support for the sink. The original soap dish and faucet are attached.

Shelf and walls in place.

Original toilet paper holder.

Original towel bar.

Newly coated shower flooring.

All bathroom aluminum/chrome has been removed and polished.

Original bath light removed, cleaned and reinstalled.

Door sanded, shellaced and reinstalled.

We have put in a dometic fridge thinking this would be temporary. It does work but  we did not frame it in permanently as we were not sure if the new owners of old failthful would desire to find a fridge more suitable to their liking.

The old table and chairs are included if you wish to keep them. They are not perfect but sure do look cute!

The exterior will need a good cleaning and polishing to bring it to a mirror finish.
The NY weather has not been cooperative and we have not been able to do so. 

We tarp all of our travel trailers in the winter. This travel trailer does not leak. We get  a good portion of snow here and a tarp makes is easy to remove built up snow so the weight of it does not harm the camper.

You can see some areas where we began cleaning the aluminum.


  1. What a fabulous job you have done restoring this old Beauty... the woodwork in it is simply amazing... they just don't make 'em like this anymore!

    My Dream is to have a Mobile Studio so I have The Man on the lookout for either an old Airstream or a Sheepherder's Mobile Cabin *similar to the old Gypsy Vardos*.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Restoration well done!
    Thanks for sharing. Your photos have often been encouraging to me as I restore my own Yellowstone "Sunset".
    There is work yet to do, but I have been living in it somewhat comfortably as I go about it. Of course, as you know, New York winter is a challenge for a homesteader. The pond in which I bathe will freeze. So, I hope to bring my bathroom to the same glory as you have yours, before that time comes. While it is warm, I am replacing entire walls with new bracing, insulation, wiring, PEX, birch, and shellac. Even patching exterior holes with aluminum brazing rods. Not to mention windows and the floor! You know the drill.
    Anyway, It has been good to know that you have succeeded at the task with which I am currently undertaking. Thanks for the blog!

  3. What a nice photographs !!!! Awesome art is done by architecture ... Camper Trailers Brisbane

  4. stunning..though outside is not really that good to look at but inside is very organized..great job

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